Collaborative Robots

Industrial Collaborative Robots That Fit The Way You Work

Smart Series Robots

The Smart Series robot line addresses each of the different modes of collaboration, providing you with the optimal level of speed, payload, safety and throughput for a broad variety of applications.

Robot Matchmaker

Smart + Simple

HC10DT Collaborative Robot

This six-axis collaborative robot offers four modes of collaborative operation including Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology. The HC10DT meets all established safety standards and enables humans to work safely with robots.

  • Enhanced hand-guided teaching: No programming knowledge required

  • Robust, industrial strength cobot

  • 10 kg payload; 1200mm max working range

  • Multiple gripper options



Smart + Fast

GP-Series Robots

GP-series robots come equipped with the Functional Safety Unit that enables you to achieve industrial speed in a collaborative work environment.  Engineered for easy installation, operation and maintenance, Each model offers a high wrist allowable moment for accurate and repeatable handling. IP67 wrist rating, with full-washdown option available for harsh or sanitary environments.



  • 7 kg payload

  • 1,693 mm max working range

  • R/B axis speeds up to 500°/sec

  • ±0.03 mm repeatability



  • 8 kg payload

  • 1,312 mm max working range

  • R/B axis speeds up to 500°/sec

  • ±0.02 mm repeatability


gp12 robot

  • 12 kg payload;

  • 2,511 mm max working range

  • R/B axis speeds up to 470°/sec

  • ±0.06 mm repeatability

Yaskawa America, Inc.- Motoman Robotics Div.
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