Next-Generation Robot Programming

Smart Pendant + Direct Teach

Smart Pendant is an ideal programming and operator interface for novice robot users. Its patented, built-in Smart Frame technology eliminates the use of coordinate frames; the robot adapts to the user's position.



Smart Pendant 2.0 Release

Watch along as our team at Yaskawa Innovation demonstrates the new features of the latest Smart Pendant software release.


Radically Change the Way a Robot is Programmed

Ideal for novice robot users, the easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant simplifies INFORM programming for easy-to-understand operation and fast implementation of the robot system. The Smart Pendant’s intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) adapts to the programmer’s style, and the built-in Smart Frame feature allows the robot to adapt to the operator’s position, eliminating the utilization of coordinate frames, and allowing for easy robot jogging. Smart Pendant is included with all Smart Series robots.

  • Fast, simple learning curve
  • Easy troubleshooting and error recovery
  • Easy-to-understand operation; intuitive format
  • Simplified INFORM programming supports powerful controller functionality
  • 10-inch touchscreen, tablet-based interface





Program from Your Perspective

Smart Frame Technology

Smart Frame is a patented technology that drastically simplifies robot programming. Smart Frame uses the Smart Pendant to determine the user’s orientation relative to the robot in real-time. This programming option eliminates the use of conventional coordinate (X,Y,Z) frames and utilizes human coordinate references (left, right, toward, away) for easy, intuitive command of robot movement.


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Achieve True Hands-On Collaboration

Direct Teach for the HC10DT

One of the key benefits of human–robot collaboration is the simplified process of instructing the robot to perform a specific task. The HC10DT robot can be easily maneuvered to teach the required path and waypoints.  

The use of Direct Teach allows the user to remove the complexity usually associated with programming an industrial robot, increasing efficiency and accelerating deployment. Direct Teach also allows a plant operator to intuitively reposition the robot for fault recovery.


Direct Teach Demo


Direct Teach feature of the HC10DT collaborative robot
Yaskawa GP and Motomini robots

Step-Up The Automation

Smart Pendant vs. Standard Teach Pendants

Smart Series robots utilize the same YRC control platform as Yaskawa's other robot models. This common control platform and software technology enables you to smoothly transition to more complex automation tasks without major reinvestment.


Ultra-Compact, Yet Powerful + Precise

YRC1000 Micro Robot Controller

The smallest robot controller in its class, the YRC1000micro broadens your installation options and simplifies the process.

  • Optimized acceleration/deceleration control improves cycle time up to 10%

  • High path accuracy control enables increased precision

  • Single-phase or three-phase power options

  • Easily connects to peripheral devices

  • Remote I/O expansion via VIPA IO for Smart Series




YRC1000 Micro robot controller
Yaskawa America, Inc.- Motoman Robotics Div.
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