Your Success is Our Motivation

One key to success is the appropriate education of your staff. The Yaskawa Academy offers you a broad range of courses tailored to the level of knowledge of the participants - from entry-level to expert. Yaskawa Academy offers standard, modified and/or customized training courses offered at several locations throughout the Americas. Training on the HC10 robot and the YRC1000 controller is now available. Visit our Yaskawa Academy page for a detailed training syllabus and additional available

Our training program is designed to:

  • Train your staff on proper robot operation

  • Instill a sense of confidence and security in your team with your system

  • Support you through implementation to head off any issues

  • Assist you with your processes to help optimize the productivity at your location

  • Help ensure your success. Because your success is our motivation!

For additional assistance, please call 937-847-3307 or send your inquiries to We will be glad to assist you with training questions on the YRC1000 and the HC10. 

Customer Satisfaction Group

Yaskawa Motoman's commitment to providing the ideal solution for your collaborative robot application does not end with the installation of the system. Once installation is complete, our Customer Satisfaction Group will ensure that your system up time is maximized and that your costs are minimized, allowing for the quickest return on your investment.  Yaskawa Motoman offers:

  • Worldwide support

  • 24/7 technical support hotline

  • Highly qualified application programming support

  • Expert field service technical support

  • Regional support specialists

  • Regional technical manager for asset management support

Please visit our Yaskawa Motoman Y-blog for additional robot automation articles.

Lifecycle Management

One-size-fits-all maintenance standards really don't apply. In regards to capital equipment, some organizations take a run-to-fail approach, while others are fastidious about the repair process and preventative maintenance. A key to getting the most from the maintenance, or lifecycle management, of a robot (or any other piece of equipment) is customizing the lifecycle management to suit your operations. The cost of system upgrades, robot rebuilds or preventative maintenance may seem like money better spent elsewhere in a facility, unless you look critically at your specific situation and fully understand your cost of unplanned downtime.

You don't need to be psychic to decide which spare parts to keep on hand. Yaskawa Motoman can provide you with a recommended spare parts package for your easy-to-use Yaskawa collaborative robot.  

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