Cobots and Collaborative Applications

How is a collaborative robot different from a regular industrial robot?
What types of applications are cobots best suited to automate?

Risk Assessment

Is a risk assessment required?
Things to consider during an assessment are:

Model-Specific Questions

Can I use 110V/120V power with my robot?
Can the Yaskawa FSU be installed on my Smart Series robot?
What safety certifications do Smart Series robots have?
What are the programming methods available for Smart Series robots?

Tooling and Infrastructure

Will Yaskawa be selling collaborative tooling/grippers for the Smart Series robots?
How will Smart Series robots integrate into my existing automation infrastructure?
Are Smart Series robots mobile?
Can Smart Series robots be mounted on a wall or ceiling?
Will the Smart Series robots be supported through offline simulation software?
Yaskawa America, Inc.- Motoman Robotics Div.
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