HC10DT Robot

Collaborative Robot Designed from the Ground Up to Work with People


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An easy-to-use robot with an industrial pedigree, the HC10DT collaborative robot (cobot) is an ideal balance of strength, flexibility and efficiency. It is easily deployed to operate in the same space as your workers, reducing the need for hard safety enclosures. Simplified programming and the low cost robotic arm put the benefits of collaborative automation within reach of any size manufacturing operation.

The Yaskawa HC10DT is the new ideal co-worker with sensing technologies that allow it to safely interact with humans. Controlled by the YRC1000micro, the HC10DT is programmed to respond accordingly to various situations in order to avoid putting a human in harm’s way.  Follow this link to learn more about the YRC1000micro. 

One of the key benefits of human–robot collaboration is the simplified process of instructing the robot to perform a specific task. Utilizing the EasyTeach feature of the YRC1000micro's INFORM programming language, the HC10DT robot can be easily maneuvered to teach the required path and waypoints.  

This mode is called lead-through-jogging, or hand guiding.  The use of EasyTeach allows the user to remove the complexity usually associated with programming an industrial robot, increasing efficiency and accelerating deployment. The HC10DT can also be programmed via the traditional method by jogging it using the teach pendant. 

Key Benefits

  • Safely coexists with workers  Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology immediately reacts to external forces protecting workers.  Download the PFL Application Guide. 
  • EasyTeach application (precision hand-guided teaching and programming)  Streamlines implementation and makes the HC10DT robot easier to deploy.
  • Through-arm utilities eliminate safety issues — All cobots require safety assessments. The HC10DT is designed to reduce the risk of human injuries and unnecessary risk preventions measures in order to meet safety guidelines.
  • 10 kilogram payload capacity and 1,200 mm reach — These specifications allow the HC10DT robot to work with humans in a wide variety of applications.
  • Networked safety for easy and scalable integration — The benefits of using networked safety fall into four main categories: logic, diagnostics, change management and installation simplicity. Thus, reinforcing the ease-of-use philosophy that is one of the guiding principles behind the HC10DT design.

Technical Specifications

  • 6 axes
  • 1,200 mm reach
  • 10 kg payload
  • Dual torque sensors in each joint
  • Full enterprise connectivity

Download HC10 data sheet

CoBots are just the beginning...

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