Applications / Wet Polishing with a 6-Axis Robot

Wet Polishing with a 6-Axis Robot

Machine Tending

Fast and Complete Surface Finishing in Space-Saving Cell

Application Details

Wet Polishing with a 6-Axis Robot


Improve speed and consistency of wet polishing process in a space-saving environment.


1) Operator stocks groupings of unfinished parts at a designated area and starts cycle.

2) Robot picks parts at set locations until cycle is complete and parts are restocked.

3) Robotic tool performs complete polishing process.

4) Robot returns finished part to designated area.

5) Operator retrieves finished parts as needed.


Machine and staff are running at maximum utilization. The robotic cell is able to run several continual cycles unattended. The IP-67 rated GP-Series robot performs entire wet-polishing process without repositioning the part, improving speed and consistency.


Machine Tending

Automation Level:


Robot Options:


Feature Options:

IP-67 Robot; Custom Tooling

Project Complexity:


Project Cost:


Yaskawa America, Inc.- Motoman Robotics Div.
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