Applications / Sortation of Difficult/Dangerous Parts

Sortation of Difficult/Dangerous Parts

Pick and Place

Robot with vision and flexible feeder handles challenging part sortation tasks.

Application Details

Sortation of Difficult/Dangerous Parts


Mechatronic Solutions was tasked to minimize human involvement in the sorting of parts that are difficult and dangerous to work with.


1) Parts are dumped into flexible feeder bin.

2) Vision system identifies singulated piece(s) and pauses feeder vibration. Sends pick location(s) to robot.

3) Robot picks pieces and arranges onto molded tray.

4) Worker removes finished tray. Replenishes feeder.


Small, delicate and sharp parts are handled and sorted with no human contact. Flexible feeder compatible with most part geometries, enables inexpensive 2D vision solution for bin picking. GP Robots used for high-precision picking of randomly-oriented parts. Multiple types of parts can be handled in a single robotic system.


Pick and Place

Automation Level:


Robot Options:


Feature Options:

2D Vision; Flexible Feeder; Area Scanner(s)

Project Complexity:


Project Cost:


Yaskawa America, Inc.- Motoman Robotics Div.
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