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Cobot Places Parts at Welding Station

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Adding a cobot to an existing welding station to reduce overall cycle times.

Application Details

Cobot Places Parts at Welding Station


Mississippi Welders Supply was tasked to reduce cycle times for a welding station by minimizing human involvement in the set-up and removal of parts.


1) Operator delivers parts to be welded to staged robot picking area.

2) Robot picks pieces and sets them up at the welding station.

3) Robot sends signal to begin welding cycle.

4) Welder or robot welds parts. Sends signal to robot when cycle is completed.

5) Robot picks finished part and places it in designated pickup area.


Collaborative robot eliminates the need for human involvement in loading and unloading a robotic welding cell. Process can be adapted for both manual and robotic welding stations. The HC10DT robot can be moved to different stations, and easily retrained through hand guidance to place different part combinations. Stop-State Monitoring stops robotic welding cycle when operators are in proximity.


Pick and Place

Automation Level:


Robot Options:


Feature Options:

Proximity Sensor, Mobile Cart

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Project Cost:


Yaskawa America, Inc.- Motoman Robotics Div.
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