Smart Series

The Smart Choice for Easy Automation

Smart Series allows quick and easy implementation of a robot system that adapts to your working environment.


Branch Out Into Robotics

Unlike traditional more complex robot execution, which requires significant upfront investment in training, Smart Series technology provides simple, intuitive robot programming methods for novice programmers. Easily adaptable to changing manufacturing requirements, this suite of products can readily be deployed and redeployed for its next job.

Consider the Smart approach to automating your next inspection, machine tending or other handling application.


Smart + Simple

HC10DT Collaborative Robot

This six-axis collaborative robot offers four modes of collaborative operation including Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology. The HC10DT meets all established safety standards and enables humans to work safely with robots.

  • Enhanced hand-guided teaching: No programming knowledge required
  • Robust, industrial strength cobot
  • 10 kg payload
  • Multiple gripper options


Smart + Agile

MotoMini Robot

MotoMini provides superior performance in small part handling and assembly applications. This extremely lightweight robot is easy to ship and install.

  • Smallest and lightest 6-axis robot in the industry
  • Highest acceleration speeds in a small robot
  • 0.5 kg payload
  • ±0.02 mm repeatability


Smart + Fast

GP-Series Robots

GP-series robots come equipped with the Functional Safety Unit that enables you to achieve industrial speed in a collaborative work environment.  Engineered for easy installation, operation and maintenance, Each model offers a high wrist allowable moment for accurate and repeatable handling.



  • 7 kg payload
  • 927 mm horizontal reach
  • 1,693 mm vertical reach
  • ±0.03 mm repeatability


  • 8 kg payload
  • 727 mm horizontal reach
  • 1,312 mm vertical reach
  • ±0.02 mm repeatability


  • 12 kg payload
  • 1,440 mm horizontal reach
  • 2,511 mm vertical reach
  • ±0.06 mm repeatability


Grippers + Peripherals

from our Smart Series technology partners


Next Generation of Robot Programming

Smart Pendant

Smart Pendant is an ideal programming and control interface for novice robot users. Its patented, built-in Smart Frame technology eliminates the use of coordinate frames; the robot adapts to the user's position.

  • Fast, simple learning curve
  • Easy-to-understand operation; intuitive format
  • Simplified INFORM programming supports powerful controller functionality
  • 10-inch touchscreen, tablet-based interface


Ultra-Compact, Yet Powerful + Precise

YRC1000 Micro Robot Controller

The smallest robot controller in its class, the YRC1000micro broadens your installation options and simplifies the process.

  • Optimized acceleration/deceleration control improves cycle time up to 10%
  • High path accuracy control enables increased precision
  • Single-phase or three-phase power options
  • Easily connects to peripheral devices



We'll Hook You Up - Literally

Let Yaskawa Motoman connect you with a Smart Series dealer in your area who can also:

  • Provide end-of-arm tooling, carts, fixtures, etc.
  • Facilitate safety assessments
  • Get you up and running with your first robot jobs
  • Train your group on how to train your robot
  • Provide ongoing local support

Let's get started on a smart automation solution today.


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